Faucet Shower Head Spray


✔ Easy to install
✔ Take up no space
✔ Convenient for shampooing

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Product description:

1. Portable and practical, strong water flow and fast cleaning.When the switch is pressed, water flows quickly. The powerful and concentrated spray quickly removes dirt that adheres to the surface of the object, enabling fast cleaning.
2. Bright and well-designed multifunctional home decoration.Made of ABS, lightweight but sturdy. It has a bright surface chrome process that is easy to match with different home decorations.
3. Use 1.5m telescopic hose for wide range cleaning.The retractable spring hose can be extended by about 1.5 meters, has a greater cleaning range, and is easy to clean in any corner. Moreover, the spring hose can be hung on the wall after use, which is very space saving.
4. Installed on the basin faucet, you can easily wash your hair, vegetables and so on. Convenient and practical.

Material: ABS
Custom processing: Yes
Installation type: 4 points interface
Process: Electroplating
Working temperature: normal temperature
Nominal pressure: atmospheric pressure
Product specifications: 35mm * 25mm
Weight: 500g

Packing list
Manifold * 1
Telescopic tube * 1
Shower head * 1
Shower base * 1 (The set does not include the faucet in the picture)

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