20 pcs/Bag 3 Layer Non-woven Dust Mask KF94 FFP2


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✔ 3-Ply PM2.5 N95 Nonwoven
✔ YY / T0969-2013 standard mask
✔ 20 pcs in the package

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1. Disposable Meical mask three-layer masks suitable for children and adults: Please wear one of our disposable masks to maintain health and safety during work or when going out and when traveling or going out.
One size for everyone-Standard size disposable 3-layer masks are perfect for adults and children.
2. A three-layer design that meets Disposable ,mask requirements. The first and third layers are high-quality non-woven fabrics. The middle layer is solvent spray cloth. The solvent spray cloth is for medical masks. It can filter 99% of bacteria and germs. The ordinary disposable masks do not use solvent spray cloth.
3. KF94 / N95 security level protection. Our disposable mask triple layer masks protect you from viruses, bacteria, contaminants and allergens, helping you breathe more easily and stay sterile.
4, suitable for: cleaners, construction workers, doctors, students. Ideal for painting, architecture, nail salons, medical, dental uses and allergy sufferers. Suitable for haze weather, gray sky, hospital, haze weather, sand weather, snow weather, construction site, etc.

A pack of 20 is perfect for the whole family.

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